The next steps & who am I to you and your business?

Having spent 30 plus years in the IT, Telecoms & Utilities industries in a multitude of fields and specialisations, the Merchant Services industry was a logical progression having helped many businesses improve their bottom line and take advantage of new technological advances. Chances are I have met a business similar to yours, so I am happy to share my best practices in this area.

I am expert at reading and interpreting merchant statements, so any high fees and hidden charges or fines are identified which could be costing your business unnecessarily. All installs and training are carried out by me personally and I also ensure that everything is taken care of when switching away from your current provider, so there are no surprises or double billing.

Our continued growth with over 80,000 merchants has made us a financially strong award winning fintech company and perfect trusted business partner.

8 powerful reasons why we should be talking:

1. Our “Bulk Buying” power gives you the very best and latest debit and credit card rates in the market with a choice of Acquiring Banks to meet all situations.2. Next day settled/cleared funds into your bank account if needed and is available to the vast majority of business categories that have been trading in excess of 12 months.
3. If you are switching from your current provider, we will buy you out of any competitor agreement up to £3,000 so you have absolute confidence joining us.4. New to cards, switching from a current supplier or need additional terminals, from sign-up to set-up is 3 days, we even deliver and install on a Saturday.
5. If you are a sole trader or partnership, contracts are written under the 1974 consumer credit act with an 18-month break clause.6. Integration; Our Connect™ terminals work seamlessly with electronic tills from all major providers with pay at counter or pay at table options.
7. We have a terminal to meet every need and to welcome you on board we refund back to you, half your monthly rental fees for the first 12 months.8. Need some help? Our UK-based team are available 24/7 No long wait on the phone, with fast response time. They’re a friendly bunch whose mission is to make things easy for you.

The steps I will take you through and what is required:

In order to process an application for you can you provide a few basic details about you and your business, typically:

  • Proof of Bank (to meet current anti money laundering regulations): – this can be in the form of a photo or scan of a cheque (ideally voided), or a paying in slip or a recent bank statement (hard copy or pdf).
  • Identification Full name, address and date of birth of partners, directors or shareholders (over 25%) and if your business is a partnership or Ltd company in principal so we can undertake a simple Experian check to validate the key decision makers in your business.

Once your terminals are safely delivered:

  • I carry out the installation personally, along with any training necessary.
  • Test the terminal and setting the banking “end of day” to meet your requirements.
  • Draft exit letters to your current terminal supplier and merchant bank were applicable.
  • I suggest these are posted Royal Mail “signed for” so there is a record, therefore avoiding double billing by your current provider.
  • Once you receive your closing account letter from your current supplier. This will need to be passed to our Customer Service team who will arrange payment of any cancellation charges (if any are incurred) to your bank.
  • All sorted with no worries or surprises, I aim to please and help spread the word through referral networks and customers

Included in Paymentsense Offering:

Desktop, Portable, Mobile, E-Commerce
Terminal rental, 50% off 1st. 12 months
Next Day Payments Service to your bank
Weekly Reports by email
Online Reporting
Free Phone App
Automatic Till Roll dispatch
Paymentsense on your behalf, act as an intermediary/agent to First Data Europe Ltd, trading as First Data Merchant Solutions (FDMS) They are a registered Acquiring Bank that interact with MasterCard, Visa & American Express on your behalf when you transact electronically in your business.
As an Independent Sales Organisation and Member Service Provider. Paymentsense and all parties already have a consistent level of data protection and security across all of our organisation and partners and are fully GDPR compliant.Support; PCI Compliance Service; 80% of all UK SME businesses are PCI Non-Compliant.
24/7 UK Call Center with 98% of all issues resolved over phone.
Free Terminal replacement 24hrs (Mon-Fri)

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