what's your monthly CTO? which provider is the right one?

Would advise and guidance on Merchant Business Funding, reduced monthly card payment transaction fees or an exit from your current provider (with up to £3K in compensation) be of help to your business today? or simply just moving to a “Cashless” business. Would any of this be of help?

Business is meant to be a longer term proposition, so getting this decision right is important even if your business is a brand new venture.

Modern Small Businesses (SME’s) rarely take cash these days, it’s all digital, with transactions defined as a monthly “Card Turn Over” or “CTO”. So a decisions about which Card Payment Service provider to use etc. be it to just transact cards, take online or over the phone payments, perhaps needs to be a considered one.

There are simple “Off the Shelf” solutions you purchase outright, like Izettle, SumUp & Square but carry high transaction fee’s and miss vital functionality for full business application. On the other hand, specialist bespoke “SME Card Service Providers” with their significantly lower fees, extended functionality and 24/7 support, can sometimes get overlooked! even though their cost benefit, reliability and superior functionality to any business is highly beneficial.

So a comparison needs to be made to understand the merits and benefits of each option and when in a businesses evolution, i.e. which solution to opt for? See the Functionality Comparison Table below.

See the “Monthly CTO” links for each CTO value listed to download relevant data sheet behind these figures.

Comparison of Fees, Service, Connectivity, Functionality & Support

Off the Shelf SolutionBespoke SME ProviderBespoke SME ProviderBespoke SME Provider
Monthly CTOMonthly FeesMonthly FeesMonthly SavingsAnnual Savings
Monthly Transaction Fees for both Bespoke SME & Off the Shelf Card Payment Solutions


An early business decision based on convenience has perhaps removed a multitude of functional and service benefits shown in the “Functionality Comparison Table” and as the companies CTO increases, operational business cost will increase and if left unchecked and may cost your business £thousands annually to process card payments.

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